Grace Ingalls was the youngest child of Caroline and Charles Ingalls. When Caroline found out she feared of Charles reaction if it was a girl. She thought about if it was a boy the chances of the baby dying like Charles Ingalls Jr.


Caroline Ingalls (mother)

Charles Ingalls (father)

Mary Ingalls Kendall (sister)

Laura Ingalls Wilder (sister)

Carrie Ingalls (sister)

Charles Ingalls Jr. (brother,deceased)

Albert Quinn Ingalls (adoptive brother)

James Cooper Ingalls (adoptive brother)

Cassandra Cooper Ingalls (adoptive sister)

Almanzo Wilder (brother-in-law)

Adam Kendall (brother-in-law)

Jenny Wilder (adoptive niece)

Un-named Kendall (nephew,deceased,Mary's son)

Adam Kendall Jr. (nephew, deceased, Mary's son)

Rose Wilder (niece, Laura's daughter)

Un-named Wilder (nephew, deceased, Laura's son)


Grace was born in Walnut Grove and spent the first year of her life in Winkoa Minnesota. Grace filled the place of the baby as Carrie Ingalls her older sister did. Graces older sister Laura was glad she was born so she could bond with a younger sibling as she was upset from the death of Charles Jr.

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